UNI 10719

UNI 10719


The UNI 10719 standard establishes the terminology, classification and minimum requirements of the organization service for aggregation events generally provided by companies as long as they are not individuals.

In fact, the organization of aggregation events represents an activity that requires particular attention to the integration and collaboration between several organizations and/or people.


The law provides for the following types of events :
  • Congress
  • Conference
  • Conference
  • Symposium
  • Seminary
  • conventions
  • Summit
  • Forums
  • Incentive events
  • Workshops, Debates, Technical Exhibition etc

At personnel level, three types of key figures are identified:
  • event manager
  • coordinator
  • operating staff

The service requirements concern:
  • Information to the client
  • service phases
  • complementary services
  • formalization of the contract
  • customer and participant satisfaction

CSQA Certificazioni has already issued UNI 10719 certifications integrated with ISO 9001 .

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