UNI 10865

UNI 10865


The UNI 10865 standard "Spa Treatment Services - Service requirements" establishes the requirements that the service offered by spa establishments must satisfy.

The quality of spa treatments is an extremely important topic, in a strategic sector that fits between the health of the citizen and the enhancement of the tourist and environmental heritage.

The UNI 10865 standard establishes the requisites that the service offered by spa establishments must satisfy, in particular for treatments with proven therapeutic effects, from mud treatments to irrigation therapies, from inhalation therapies to the intake of mineral waters.


The standard highlights:
  • fundamental services to be guaranteed to the client (reception, admission to treatment)
  • preliminary information
  • behavior patterns during treatment
  • the procedure for the personalized aesthetic/curative treatment
  • the professionals involved


In addition to helping the end customer's credibility and trust in the company, the certification of the "Spa Treatments" Service allows the company to:
  • monitor and streamline processes and costs,
  • improve internal management
  • demonstrate to the market the compliance of your service with the legal requirements in a clear, objective and tangible way.
Spa facilities can be accredited by the Regions as health facilities.
A Management System certified by a third party allows the structure to equip itself with adequate procedures and implement continuous monitoring, facilitating the accreditation process.

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