UNI 11068

UNI 11068


Private security institutes that operate with an Operations Center with the following activities:
  • anti-crime,
  • firefighting,
  • remote assistance and health care
must comply with the requirements of the UNI 11068 standard "Remote surveillance systems - procedural, structural and control characteristics.

With the Decree n. 269/2010 of the Ministry of the Interior which in fact regulated the organizational project and the minimum quality requirements of the surveillance institutions and services, making certification in compliance with the UNI 11068 standard mandatory .


The standard defines the design, construction and organizational criteria essential for creating a remote surveillance center that is able to guarantee efficiently, and in compliance with specific quality indices, one or more of the following types of services:
  • firefighting
  • anti-crime
  • of remote assistance
  • sanitary
The essential functional requirements of the exchange equipment used to carry out the activities are also indicated.

A specific point is dedicated to the organizational system and procedures :
  • selection of information personnel
  • training and professional updating of operators
  • central manual
  • operating procedures

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