UNI 11601

UNI 11601


The UNI 11601 standard indicates the requirements for the provision of coaching services for:
  • guide and guide service providers
  • favor the informed and informed choice by users of coaching services (individuals, groups, profit and non-profit organizations)

The standard does not define the skills of professional coaches, while it does define the most common types of coaching :
  • Business : coaching service whose purpose is to enhance and enhance the skills of people more directly involved in business results, start-up plans, management of small and medium-sized enterprises (Entrepreneurs, General Management, Business Unit Managers, Commercial Area, Accounts, freelancers, etc.)
  • Career : coaching service whose purpose is to accelerate the professional and/or career development of the person, enhancing and enhancing skills
  • Corporate : coaching service whose purpose is to enhance and strengthen people or roles in which the organization decides to invest (middle management, key people, talents, etc.)
  • Executive : coaching service whose purpose is to enhance and empower people with management responsibilities (Chief Executive Officer, General Manager, Directors, etc.)
  • Life : coaching service whose purpose is to help people develop concrete programs of self-development and self-efficacy verifiable through concrete objectives; it can be used in every aspect of people's private lives. In particular, in moments of change or passing through the different stages of life
  • Parent : coaching service whose purpose is to recognize and develop parenting skills
  • Performance : coaching service whose purpose is to improve performance in the reference context
  • Sport : coaching service whose purpose is to improve sports performance; the coach assists the technical staff and the athletes, individually or in groups, in the right mental preparation to face the moment of sporting performance in the best conditions
  • Targeted : coaching service whose purpose is to develop specific skills and behaviors consistent with them
  • Teen : coaching service whose purpose is to support adolescents in self-knowledge, their potential, their abilities and their vocation for the future, both in the private and at school


The law requires the coaching company to carefully plan the service and draw up a structured offer before entering into a contract.

The standard also defines the methods of providing the service which must include the activities of:

  • construction of the coaching agreement between coach and coachee,
  • to explore the skills , resources and potential of the coachee
  • definition of objectives and action plan
  • construction of the action plan and its monitoring
  • management of the conclusion of the coaching process

Finally, the last requirement of the standard provides that the service provided is measured and evaluated , in order to understand whether the customer's expectations and needs have been met and the objectives achieved, and what effects have occurred on the customer and on the context.


A coaching company that chooses to comply with UNI 11601 can demonstrate its commitment to raise its service standards, underlining the commitment and professionalism with which the coaching service is provided.

Choosing to get certified means giving the guarantee of a service whose outcome is measured and evaluated, so that it can always respond to customer requests.

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