UNI EN 14804

UNI EN 14804


UNI EN 14804 "Service providers associated with language study trips - Requirements" specifies the minimum quality levels of services connected with language study trips, provided by structures such as:

  • schools
  • Tour operators
  • Dealer agencies

In particular, the law specifies the service requirements for the "face to face" teaching of languages abroad and related services, which contribute to the establishment of language study programmes, including:
  • The accommodation
  • The recreational program
  • Travel services


There are two key chapters of the standard. The first specifies the minimum requirements for the provision of information while the second focuses attention on the provision of the service.

The information that the LSP (Language Study Tour Provider) must provide must be:
  • Transparent
  • Clear
  • Truthful
  • Understandable
  • Readable
  • Provided in writing if prior to signing the contract and booking

The information to be provided must concern:
  1. Information prior to booking and signing the contract
  • General informations
  • Assistance of minors
  • Legal Documentation
  • Statements of special requirements
  • Accommodation
  • Course details
  1. Pre-departure information
  2. Information on arrival

The standard then devotes ample space to the provision of the service , in particular dealing in detail with the following aspects :
  • Management and staff
  • The organization providing the service must ensure a qualified management body and staff in order to ensure that the objectives of the study trip are achieved, constantly monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching, the provision of related services and ensuring control over minors regarding compulsory participation in lessons
  • Teaching plan
    It is a point that takes into consideration - analyzing them - various aspects: from the need to ensure a correct evaluation procedure to assign participants to the most appropriate class levels to correct information on the content of the courses . Furthermore: the proposed lessons and activities must be aimed at promoting the improvement of students' abilities; teachers will have to establish a stimulating environment able to maintain the interest of the participants, their participation and punctuality; they will have to provide students with the opportunity to extend and use in other situations what they have learned during the lessons (for example through recreational activities, homework, etc.). And again: the qualifications required of the teaching staff, their professional conduct... up to the size and equipment necessary for the study rooms
  • Accommodation
    Minors must be guaranteed assistance in moving from the place of residence to the place of study (for example by providing them with the necessary information on the means of transport to be used or accompanying them directly on the first day of class). The standard also establishes the requirements that the rooms must have, the possibility of having a kitchen, a bathroom, a well-lit space that can be dedicated to study, etc...
  • Recreational program
    Part of any free time organization program should be preparatory to learning the language
  • Assistance
    All the tools must be guaranteed to be able to face and manage any emergencies that could occur during the stay, taking into consideration the various factors, such as - for example - the age of the participants, the composition of the group, the type of activity carried out, the level of risk, transport and the duration of the itineraries. In case of absence from lessons, the causes must be verified (on the same day for minors) and the appropriate measures must be implemented
  • Group leaders (Group Leader)
    The standard establishes the general requirements of group leaders (for example specifying the criteria on the basis of which they must be selected) and the additional requirements required of group leaders who are responsible for groups of minors (indicating, among other things, the minimum number of group leaders necessary based on the number of participating students)
  • Customer satisfaction monitoring
    The service provider will have to check the customer/participant's satisfaction , both during the study trip and after its conclusion (for example by means of a final questionnaire). Among other things, the supplier must be able to manage any complaints and respond within the set time frame: 5 working days for written complaints and one month for others)
  • Insurance
    Lastly, the law requires the organizer to stipulate an insurance policy against civil liability risks


For the LSP :
  • Have a standardized reference guideline recognized at national and European level which specifies the minimum requirements for the provision of a quality service
  • Have a competitive advantage to exploit in the market
  • Have implemented an organizational model that can allow them to demonstrate that they have done everything necessary to standardize and improve their service, according to minimum requirements recognized at national and European level
  • Greater possibility of competition also towards the choice of highly qualified and professional personnel

For the client/participant/sponsor :
  • Greater assurance of guaranteeing the quality of a service
  • Clarity in information

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