On 17.09.2014, the Regulation on digital identity, Reg. EU 910/2014 , known as the eIDAS Regulation (electronic IDentification Authentication and Signature), came into force, which offers a regulatory basis at Community level for trust services and means of identification electronics of the member states.

The eIDAS regulation aims to strengthen trust in transactions in the European Union, providing a common regulatory basis for secure electronic interactions between citizens, businesses and public administrations.

It is also intended to increase the security and effectiveness of electronic services, as well as e-business and electronic commerce transactions in the European Union.

Thanks to the principle of mutual recognition and mutual acceptance of interoperable electronic ID (e-ID) schemes, through Trust Service Providers (TSP), eIDAS aims to simplify the use of electronic authentication channels vis-à-vis public administrations, both on the part of businesses and citizens.

The supervisory body in the eIDAS field for Italy is AgID , whose role and duties are defined in Article 17 of the Regulation. Among the tasks performed by Agid are the activities for the accreditation of qualified TSPs through the verification of possession of the requirements set forth in the Regulation (Article 24).

The TSPs, in order to provide qualified trust services on the market, have the obligation to notify AgID - pursuant to Article 21 - of the intention to "Start a qualified trust service" also attaching a conformity assessment report (Conformity Assessment Report) issued by a conformity assessment body (Conformity Assessment Body - CAB), such as CSQA, accredited by accreditation bodies recognized by the Member States (ETSI EN 319 403). For Italy, the accreditation body is Accredia.

CSQA operates as a certifier of the trust services of:
  • Qualified certificates for electronic signatures and for electronic seals
  • Qualified certificates for website authentication
  • Qualified validation of qualified electronic signatures and seals
  • Qualified electronic time stamp
  • Qualified electronic registered delivery services (QeRDS)
  • Qualified preservation service for qualified electronic signatures and seals

Many years of experience on the Italian and foreign market makes CSQA a highly qualified and recognized CAB on the market.

For the issuance services of qualified certificates linked to international schemes, the provisions of the specification TS 119 403-2 apply.

The list of Certificates issued by CSQA is available here.

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