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BP extension


The aims of the quality project carried out by the ANMVI concern the development of a certifiable Manual of Good Veterinary Practices, as a tool for:
  • pet health care,
  • protection and individual promotion of the Veterinarian,
  • category protection.
All the owners of an authorized veterinary facility who practice in the field of pets, in compliance with the law, can undertake the path of quality certification.

The ANMVI Manual of Good Veterinary Practices consists of a set of rules that includes and exceeds the minimum required by law.
In fact, the only prerequisite is the adherence of the structure to the law. In fact, it will not be possible to certify a structure that is not in compliance with the foundations of the Law (e.g. occupational safety, correct management of medical waste, medicines, electrical system in compliance with the law, etc.). In this regard, it will be possible to make use of the advice provided by ANMVI Servizi The turnkey clinic.
CSQA has been identified by the ANMVI Commission for Quality as the most suitable entity in terms of experience to certify good veterinary practices as a third party body.


Technically this is a BPV based service certification .

The object of the certification is the Good Veterinary Practices applied in the structure , according to the rules and application methods described in a specification prepared by ANMVI. It is a “specific” certification, based on veterinary medicine and designed for veterinary medicine.

The path devised by the ANMVI Commission is perfectly compatible with a quality certification based on international standards.

In fact, the BPV certification implements principles and methodologies typical of quality systems and management concepts, useful for improving the entrepreneurial management of one's structure.

The achievement of the BPV certification therefore allows you to face an ISO certification having completed 60% of the useful path .

From Good Practices it is possible to climb the ladder of excellence towards the ISO 9001 standard which is a standard of good business-entrepreneurial management.


They benefit from:
  • the animal patient and the client
  • the economic-operational management of the structure
  • the professional in terms of image and visibility through advertising, to customers and the public, of the certification

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