ISO 20700

ISO 20700


The UNI EN ISO 20700 standard is the "Guideline for management consultancy services (management consultancy)".

Published in December 2018, the standard was born from the awareness that management consultancy can have a great impact on client organizations, improving business processes and, consequently, often increasing the organisation's profits.

Considering the impacting role on client companies, the need emerged for the market to qualify the consultancy service, going to define what are the characteristics of a valuable management consultancy (management consultancy).

The standard, applicable to all structures that provide consultancy services, regardless of size and organization, focuses on the need to understand and satisfy customer needs, without however neglecting the need to enhance and protect the consultancy firm's know-how.
The aim is to promote best practices between consultants and their clients, creating greater transparency in the market.


The standard focuses on three phases that must be structured and managed before and during the provision of management consultancy:
  1. the definition of the contractual agreements in which the purpose and methodology of the consultancy are clear
  2. the execution of the contract must be carried out in a climate of mutual trust and loyalty
  3. the closing of the contract must provide for the evaluation of the results obtained and the satisfaction of all the points defined in the contractual agreement


A management consultancy firm that chooses to comply with ISO 20700 can demonstrate its commitment to raise its service standards, emphasizing the professionalism with which the consultancy service is provided.

Choosing to get certified means giving the guarantee of a service whose outcome is measured and evaluated, so that it can always respond to customer requests.

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