ISO 21001

ISO 21001


ISO 21001 - Management systems for education and training organizations replaces ISO 29990 , which was withdrawn in December 2018.

This standard is intended to be a common management tool for organizations offering educational products and services .

It is therefore aimed at all organizations operating in the education and training sector.

CSQA is accredited by Accredia in compliance with the ISO 21001 standard


The focus of ISO 21001 is on education and training management systems and the impact of these on learners and other relevant stakeholders.

Compared to the previous ISO 29990 standard, particular attention is paid to the issues of social responsibility and the taking charge of users with Special Educational Needs.

The standard complies with the ISO requirements for management system standards . These requirements include a high-level structure, identical basic text, and common terms with key definitions, designed to help users implement multiple ISO management system standards.

The standard can be implemented together with regional and national standards .


  • better alignment between objectives and activities with the policy ( including mission and vision )
  • greater social responsibility by providing inclusive and equitable quality education for all
  • more personalized learning and effective response for all learners and especially learners with special educational needs , distance learners and lifelong learning opportunities
  • consistent processes and evaluation tools to demonstrate and increase effectiveness and efficiency;
  • greater credibility of the organization
  • a means that enables education and training organizations to demonstrate their commitment to effective educational management practices
  • a culture for organizational improvement
  • harmonization of regional, national, open, proprietary and other standards within an international framework
  • broader participation of stakeholders
  • stimulus to excellence and innovation

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