The DTG001 Responsible Mining is a CSQA standard for the certification of the corporate social responsibility management system specifically designed for companies that carry out extractive activities (mines, quarries and peat bogs) .

The standard provides the minimum requirements for the design and implementation of a corporate social responsibility management system and the plan-do-check-act approach envisaged by management models with a view to continuous improvement.

The DTG001 has been designed to synergistically integrate the fundamental principles of ISO 26000 with the technical-organizational requirements required by the mandatory standards, therefore it includes:
  • an operational methodology for the implementation of a corporate social responsibility model
  • specific requirements applicable to the extractive sector in consideration of its peculiarities


DTG 001 provides:
  • General requirements of the CSR management system – Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Governance of the organization
  • Requirements relating to good social and economic practices
  • Requirements relating to environmental practices with particular reference to specific impact areas.
  • Stakeholder identification and engagement
  • Community engagement and development


The DTG001 standard represents the first voluntary corporate social responsibility standard applicable to all mining activities described in national legislation.

The need for this voluntary standard arises for a twofold purpose:
  • Ensure full compliance with the legal provisions applicable to the concessionary structures through periodic and systematic checks on all legal requirements.
  • Reducing environmental, economic and social risks through a virtuous process of risk definition and procedures aimed at minimizing them, also with a view to due diligence .
The organizations certified under the DTG001 Responsible mining activity demonstrate their commitment to the sustainability of production realities with an impact on the territory, in this sense providing credible support to the Park Authorities and the Public Administration who wish to independently obtain the ISO 37101 certification Sustainable management of the community .

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