Protecting biodiversity has become one of the most important challenges facing the agricultural sector and food supply chains.

The GlobalG.AP BioDiversity add-on module establishes a set of rules, principles and criteria, which help producers demonstrate their biodiversity management practices.

Retailers and merchants can ask suppliers to undergo an additional BioDiversity audit in order to meet their corporate social responsibility commitments.

CSQA has obtained the recognition for the verifications on the Add-on BioDiversity V1.0 of GlobalG.AP IFA.


The broad range of criteria in the BioDiversity Add-on includes:
  • Action plan for farm biodiversity
  • Access to training , knowledge sharing and farm specific biodiversity advice
  • Synergies outside the farm
  • Areas dedicated to biodiversity
  • Protection and recovery measures
  • Integrated pest management
  • Soil and nutrient management plan
  • Wastewater management and water source protection.

Supply chain requirements for implementing add-ons can vary. In the first year, producers are required to establish a biodiversity action plan which specifies the measures to be implemented in a given period of time.

The additional audit is usually conducted in conjunction with the Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard audit for crops.

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