The GlobalG.AP (formerly EurepGAP) defines the good agricultural practices ( Good Agricultural Practice, GAP ) relating to the essential elements for the development of the best practice (best technique) applicable to farms, crops and land products, farms.

The protocol was created by Eurep (Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group), which unites some of the most important European commercial chains , in order to respond to the growing needs of food safety and respect for the environment.

The first published standard was the EurepGAP Ortofrutta (Fruit and Vegetable), later integrated by the EurepGAP IFA (Integrated Farms Assurance), a modular standard for agricultural production and breeding activities.


Various subjects involved in the agri-food chain have joined the GlobalG.AP protocol:

  • Producers (single or collective figures)
  • European GDO
  • Associated members (laboratories, certification bodies, consultancy firms, manufacturers of technical means for agriculture).

GlobalG.AP product certification is a tool for competitive advantage , especially in Business to Business relationships.

CSQA is accredited by Accredia for the GlobalG.AP protocol

We can certify these sectors:
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • Flowers and Ornamental Plants;
  • extensive crops;
  • Plant reproductive material (PPM).
CSQA also certifies GlobalG.AP Chain of Custody and GlobalG.AP GRASP .


The protocol provides for the management of requirements relating to:
  • traceability
  • environmental aspects (history and site management, soil and waste management)
  • product (pesticides used, irrigation techniques, crop protection, harvesting methods and post-harvest treatments)
  • animal health
  • health and safety of workers and their working conditions
  • business management elements
Two certification options are possible against the GlobalG.AP Protocol:
  1. single farm
  2. farm cooperative or association. In this case, the drafting of a Technical Specification is also required which describes the Quality System elements through which the cooperative/association manages and coordinates all the farms to ensure compliance with the requirements of the GLOBALG.AP Protocol


  • The ability to respond to requests from European customers who increasingly require the adoption of international standards. Indeed, GlobalG.AP defines the production standard for fruit and vegetables shared and accepted by the major European distribution groups
  • The integration and synergies with the rules of Integrated Production for the production and marketing of fruit and vegetables and fresh products in general
  • The GlobalG.AP protocol represents a real guideline for good agricultural practices
  • CSQA is Accredia accredited


The following questionnaire must be completed and sent by fax to CSQA (0445 313070) or by e-mail to for:

  • the request for the first GlobalG.AP certification
  • the request for annual renewal of the certificate


GlobalG.AP has published the new tariff " GlobalG.AP Fee Table 2020 " whose tariffs apply from March 15, 2015.

The tariff defines the taxes that GlobalG.AP, through CSQA, applies to companies requesting certification.

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