Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) is a framework that allows farms producing vegetable products to identify their state of sustainability and to address any discrepancies with a view to making their business more sustainable from an economic, social and environmental point of view.

This tool was developed by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) platform , a global food and beverage value chain initiative with the aim of supporting the development of sustainable agriculture worldwide.
To achieve this, GLOBALG.AP and the SAI platform have collaborated to offer an innovative approach that benefits from their longstanding expertise and experience, developing the GLOBALG.AP Farm Sustainability Assessment (GGFSA).

This new solution is based on the GLOBALG.AP crop standards and combines all the sustainability requirements of the FSA into one compact and evaluable standard. In this way, GLOBALG.AP certified producers are able to demonstrate compliance with FSA requirements without duplication.

GGFSA is an add-on module of GLOBALG.AP consisting of a checklist of 20 questions to be assessed jointly with GLOBALG.AP. The result of the evaluation is the Letter of Attestation which reports the level reached by the company (gold, silver, bronze).

This joint solution also enables transparent and more efficient procurement of safe and sustainable products for large industry , traders , retailers and manufacturers .

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FSA is applicable to all farms, of different sizes and for different types of vegetable agricultural products.

Through FSA, SAI Platform is able to harmonize:

  • Sustainability definitions.
  • Simplify assessment and assurance systems in the field of sustainability and good agricultural practices.
  • Promote sustainable development in the production of vegetable raw materials.
  • Increase communication regarding sustainability within the food and beverage supply chain

The key points concern:
  • planning for long-term economic viability
  • protection from the spread of invasive species and organisms
  • ban on the use of pesticides on international black lists
  • taking measures to protect workers, the environment and the local community when using pesticides
  • protection of non-target areas and protected areas
  • land cultivation certificates and monitoring of land use change
  • monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions
  • optimization of product collection periods
  • prevention of worker discrimination
  • worker safety
  • employment contracts in accordance with national laws
  • prohibition of forced labour
  • fair workload, wages paid regularly and in line with regulations, paid holidays, paid sick and parental leave
  • decent wages
  • workers' right of association
  • ban on the use of child labour
  • protection of workers from activities harmful to their health and that of other workers
  • contribution of the company to the local community


  • The combination of SAI Platform and GLOBALG.AP is a solution that allows an already GLOBALG.AP certified farm to meet the FSA requirements avoiding duplication, in a transparent and simplified way
  • FSA is a tool that is updated continuously, and therefore allows you to follow trends in the field of sustainability in agriculture

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