ISCC is a globally applicable sustainability certification system.

It aims to ensure sustainability along fully traceable and deforestation-free supply chains.

The objective of the standard is in fact to encourage the production and use of different types of sustainable biomass along the entire supply chains which concern:
  • food
  • animal feed
  • industrial applications
  • power.
Depending on the market to which you want to give your sustainable product , it is in fact possible to choose between two different standards:
  • EU ISCC for EU biofuels
  • ISCC PLUS for biomass, renewable energy, food, feed and biofuels outside the EU.
Among the products covered by the standards are agricultural and forestry raw materials, waste and residues, biogas and renewable raw materials of non-biological origin.

CSQA is recognized by ISCC and can certify against the scheme.


The criteria on which the standards are structured concern various areas:
  1. Ecological sustainability
  • Protection of land with high biodiversity value or high carbon stock
  • Deforestation-free supply chains
  • Ecologically responsible production in order to protect soil, water and air.
  1. Social sustainability
  • Job security
  • Respect for human, labor and land rights
  1. Compliance with legislation and international treaties
  2. Greenhouse Gas ( GHG ) Emission Monitoring
  3. Good management practices


The biomass business represents more and more an interesting market opportunity.
ISCC certification allows you to obtain various benefits such as access to new markets and facilities for national and international trade.

Furthermore this standard allows for sustainability certification with a single scheme for all the raw materials a company is handling and is recognized on all markets globally .

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