ISO 30415 Diversity and Inclusion

ISO 30415 Diversity and Inclusion


ISO 30415 " Human resources management - Diversity and inclusion " is an international standard published in 2021 which provides a guideline for companies of any sector and size, who want to adopt an inclusive approach that values diversity in the workplace .

This standard aims to encourage internal change in organizations, guiding them both in defining strategic objectives that are more socially sustainable, and in building a different relationship with their stakeholders.

CSQA offers an assessment service against ISO 30415, aimed at demonstrating the company's ability to value diversity in the workplace (gender, race, disability, culture…) by promoting inclusion .

Obtaining third-party attestation allows companies to communicate their commitment to inclusion to their stakeholders.


ISO 30415 starts from ISO 26000 and from the personnel management standard of the 30400 series and is presented as a useful operational tool for achieving the SDGs:

  • Objective 5: Gender equality
  • Goal 10: Reduction of inequalities

The standard presents the basic prerequisites for D&I, accountability and associated responsibilities, recommended actions, suggested measures and potential outcomes.

It does not address the specifics of relations with trade unions or works councils, nor country-specific compliance, regulatory requirements or disputes.

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