PdR/UNI 126:2022 is a guideline for calculating the environmental performance of products and packaging to be displayed on the label of PET bottles containing mineral water or soft drinks.


The standard applies to PET bottles used to contain mineral water or soft drinks.

It is structured in three parts:
  • the first describes the method for quantifying the environmental performance of beverages packaged in PET bottles to be reported on the product label;
  • the second concerns the third-party verification of the label;
  • a third describes the requirements of the Program Operator who manages the communication program.

The guideline requires consideration of the physical characteristics of the product's primary packaging (bottle mass, label mass, etc.); process performance (consumption of electricity and heat); the environmental impacts along the product life cycle ( Carbon Footprint and/or EPD ).

It provides for the assignment of a score, on the basis of which the performance class to be reported on the label is attributed, using the foreseen logo.


Its adoption intends to contribute, for example, to:
  • provide transparent and available information to interested parties
  • adopt a product life cycle approach
  • allow the comparison between the products regarding the defined environmental performances

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