UNI/PDR 138:2023

UNI/PDR 138:2023


The UNI/PdR 138:2023 reference practice, developed within the institutional collaboration agreement with the Autonomous Province of Trento, proposes a simplified model of organisation, management and control as required by Legislative Decree 231/2001 for the prevention of crimes against the Public Administration , and corporate crimes, specifically designed for micro and small businesses .

In fact, the latter deal with the organizational and managerial profiles in an often spontaneous and little formalized way and for this reason it is necessary to propose a simplified prevention model, which does not burden their general operations.

The practice explains how to adopt a crime control and prevention system , with consequent advantages for the companies themselves in terms of organisation, relations with the public administration and with all the stakeholders .
All in a general perspective of valorising good practices and virtuous experiences on the market.

If the current legislation concerning anti-corruption, at national and international level, is already very broad and consolidated (and sees UNI ISO 37001:2016 as the reference technical standard with regard to management systems for the prevention of corruption ), UNI/PdR 138:2023 is aimed at small businesses for the first time.


The adoption of this new Practice is :
  • a tool to achieve corporate compliance
  • useful for the purposes of obtaining the legality Rating from the Competition and Market Authority: the assignment of the Rating, in turn, can produce favorable consequences in relations with banks and PAs

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