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February 7, 2024: National Day Against Bullying and Cyberbullying

PdR 42 for the prevention and management of bullying

February 7, 2024: National Day Against Bullying and Cyberbullying

February 7, 2024: National Day Against Bullying and Cyberbullying Since 2017, as an annual national event, the Day against bullying and cyberbullying has been celebrated on 7 February in order to maintain attention on phenomena that spread mainly in a phase of adolescent life, a crucial phase for the development of personality within a dynamic and complex society.

CSQA listens to these issues and is personally committed to supporting awareness and inclusiveness with UNI Reference Practice 42 , a certifiable para-regulatory document, born from the collaboration between UNI and ACCREDIA, which addresses the topic of bullying in schools of all levels and in all activities similar to schools and, in general, to all organizations aimed at minors.

The approach to preventing and combating bullying is always based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) model of management systems, in order to allow its compatibility and integration with the most recent management systems and the “Risk - based thinking” or approach to risk.

In order for this anti-bullying management system to be implemented, the reference practice requires compliance with certain requirements , among which stands out the need to appoint an 'Anti-bullying Commission' representing all interested parties, therefore also including minors and parents. as a further form of inclusion and guarantee that the organisation's behaviors regarding bullying have actually been verified.

CSQA, thanks to its experience in the human services sector, together with the city of Trento, has achieved the objective of certifying all seven comprehensive institutions for PdR 42 , including all the protagonists of the school world in the project: students, school staff (teachers and ATA staff) and families, starting from the operations of listening to their perception of the phenomenon which were then the basis of concrete organizational and management, as well as training, measures.

Another example of the fight against bullying is found in Pergine, Trentino Alto Adige, with the Marie Curie Higher Institute , certified by CSQA in 2023 in which new initiatives aimed at combating it have been adopted such as, for example, an email and a dedicated box for reporting bullying, training courses and the elimination of dark corners in the school.

The value provided by the certification has made it possible to expand awareness to non-scholastic organisations, as happened with DOC - Società Cooperativa Sociale , specialized in the planning, organization and management of activities in the tourism, social and educational fields.

CSQA places itself at the forefront by continuing to pursue an important objective: to provide schools with a verifiable improvement tool in the prevention and management of these phenomena, in order to protect the well-being of students.

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