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IQNET Day 2023

Local experience and global recognition

IQNET Day 2023

IQNET Day 2023 Celebrated every November 11, IQNET Day highlights the importance of the network to the conformity assessment community.

IQNET is the largest international network of certification bodies of which the CISQ Federation (CSQA is a member) is part of as the only Italian Partner.

IQNET's presence worldwide has significantly strengthened the importance of certifiable management systems, products, processes and services as well as other types of conformity assessment activities, to the benefit of organizations, regardless of size and from location, in improving their business processes and advancing their competitiveness in the global market.

Combining local expertise with global experiences and recognitions , the IQNET Association is one of the few organizations capable of shaping proactive policies and practices in terms of accreditation, standardization, development of quality schemes and infrastructure, both at local, regional and regional levels. and international.



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