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LCA Systematic Approach for Sammontana

First company in Italy to obtain the certificate

 LCA Systematic Approach for Sammontana

 LCA Systematic Approach for Sammontana Sammontana is the first company in Italy to obtain the LCA Systematic Approach certificate issued by CSQA , the first certification body for the agri-food sector, for the Life Cycle Assessment system aimed at analyzing the life cycle of its products.

The LCA studies carried out by Sammontana allow the environmental footprint of a product to be assessed , taking into consideration all the phases necessary for its production and consumption , highlighting the improvements necessary to reduce these impacts.

With the methodological support of CSQA, Sammontana has implemented and certified an innovative Management System for the implementation of LCA studies which, on the one hand, will facilitate the conduct of this analysis on processes and product lines, and on the other, will reduce lead times study, allowing to extend the range of evaluation of the environmental consequences and the degree of detail both in the eco-design phase and in the verification of the environmental impact of existing products or processes.

“This certification represents for us an important new step in the daily path aimed at guaranteeing and maintaining transparency our scientific approach to reducing our environmental footprint.

It testifies to our capacity for innovation aimed at finding the best tools to make our processes and activities more sustainable , also with a view to improving to the benefit of the entire agri-food sector"
commented Carlo Felice Chizzolini, Industrial and Environmental Director of Sammontana.

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