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Nickel in food

New recommendation from the EU Commission

Nickel in food

Nickel in food

Recommendation (EU) 2024/907 on the monitoring of nickel in foods was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, L series, of 26 March.

With this act the European Commission:

  • recommends that Member States monitor , in collaboration with food business operators, the presence of nickel in food during the years 2025, 2026 and 2027;

  • states that monitoring should include food supplements, chocolate, spreads containing cocoa, nut-based spreads, cocoa beans, cereal products (in particular breakfast cereals, cereal flakes and milled products oats), ready-to-eat soups, coffee, tea, vegetables, seaweed, oilseeds, soy products, such as tofu and soy drinks, grain legumes, nuts, fish and other fish products ;

  • specifies that Member States should, where necessary, acquire knowledge on mitigation measures for the reduction of nickel contents in foods. Member States should also ensure that known mitigation methods are effectively communicated and promoted to farmers and food business operators and that such mitigation measures are progressively implemented by farmers and food business operators;

  • states that sampling procedures and analyzes should be carried out in accordance with the sampling and analysis requirements set out in Regulation (EC) 333/2007;

  • specifies that Member States and food business operators should provide the authority with monitoring data on a regular basis, together with the information and in the electronic reporting format established by the authority, for compilation into a single database. For chocolate samples, the cocoa solids content in the sample should be specified. For tea samples, the type or species of tea should be specified, including its Latin name. For seaweed , the species should be reported, including its Latin name, indicating whether the data concerns fresh or dried seaweed. (Source: https://www.alimentibevande.it/ )

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