Controlled poultry, pig and bovine supply chain

Controlled poultry, pig and bovine supply chain

Faced with an increasingly demanding consumer in terms of safety and healthiness, the Organizations, and among them also the GDO, have given a concrete answer by offering products derived from certified supply chains.

It all started from the need to make communication on food safety for meat products transparent and credible , on which great attention is often and increasingly being placed.

CSQA is the owner of three specifications that comply with the European policy on food safety, traceability and labelling, thus defining precise criteria that allow the common thread to be outlined "from the field to the table".

To this end, the documents include an extremely effective tool for evaluating and measuring the self-control system ( HACCP ) along the entire meat production chain (poultry, beef and pork).
These are detailed and punctual checklists defined for each type of product and for each segment of the supply chain (feed mills, farms, slaughterhouses, cuttings, processors and points of sale), which also include analysis plans to guarantee the robustness and validity of the self-control system.

Similarly to other European standards, these voluntary certification standards, which are aimed above all at distribution chains, have the aim of ensuring uniformity of approach also in the evaluation of their suppliers, promoting a solid system of quality and respect for hygienic-sanitary safety throughout all stages of production of meat products.

See dtp 126 controlled poultry supply chain

See controlled pig chain dtp 134

See controlled bovine supply chain dtp 019

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