ISO/IEC 25010 certification

The ISO/IEC 25010 standard developed in the field of Software Engineering, defines a general quality model of systems and software by defining the characteristics that determine it and proposing the appropriate indicators for measuring performance.
The standard is applicable to every application domain.

The characteristics that make up the internal/external quality model are:
  • functional suitability,
  • efficiency,
  • compatibility,
  • usability,
  • adaptability,
  • safety,
  • maintainability,
  • portability.

In particular, the quality characteristics are considered according to the following points of view:
  1. Internal quality , relating to static properties on software code that can be verified with analyzers or inspections
  2. External quality , verifiable by analyzers and technicians with dynamic tests in simulated environments
  3. Quality in use , verifiable in real or simulated environments with the participation of users emphasizing the difficulties or ease of human-computer interaction

Using this model allows you to make the following activities more effective:
  • Collection of customer needs or interested parties
  • Definition of functional and non-functional requirements
  • Definition of the development and design phases
  • Identification of test methods and quality control
  • Identification of acceptance criteria
  • Definition of monitoring and measurement methods


CSQA offers an extended assessment on the quality of the software product with the issue of a certificate of conformity according to the ISO 25010 standard, for companies already in possession of ISO 9001.

The activity aims to improve the transparency and credibility of its products/services and increase customer trust.

CSQACerticazioni specializes in certification and training on information security, IT service management, business continuity and IT governance.

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