Chirone Social Cooperative: tailor-made education

Chirone Social Cooperative: tailor-made education

CSQA has issued ISO 9001 certification to the Chirone Cooperative in the province of Rovigo.

The cooperative collaborates with the social-health districts of the ULSS 5 Polesana Company, the Local Administrations, Volunteer Associations, Social Cooperatives, Companies and Scholastic Institutes in order to protect and support the well-being of subjects presenting conditions of objective disadvantage , subjects considered at risk of marginalisation, minors at risk of development, families in temporary difficult conditions, disabled individuals deemed suitable for accessing socio-educational activities.

The guiding principle for Chirone scs is the value and importance of the family as a founding element of society from an economic and socio-cultural point of view. It develops intervention plans aimed at achieving maximum efficiency while respecting the territory and the resources used.

The two main areas:
  • Minor area
  • Disability area
Today the Chirone di Rovigo cooperative, managed by a group of young professionals, achieves the important objective of ISO 9001 certification with CSQA, which certifies the standardized procedures verified by a third party body.

The field of application concerns the " Design and provision of educational and social, home services, aimed at children, minors, disabled minors and adults, families, parents and foster parents".

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