IO x TU x NOI: mental health support against the psychological and psychiatric problems of minors

IO x TU x NOI: mental health support against the psychological and psychiatric problems of minors

IO x TU x NOI is a social cooperative O.N.L.U.S certified UNI EN ISO 9001 by CSQA for the "Design and provision of health services for minors with psychiatric distress at SIRMIV – Intermediate Residential Structure for Minors with Variable Intensity – "Comunità dei Girasoli".

In a world that suffers from psychological and psychiatric disorders that are not always understood and accepted, the Girasoli community blooms like a flower in Cellole, in the province of Caserta, a healthcare facility accredited by the Campania Region specialized in psychotherapeutic treatment and psychiatric treatment of pre-adolescent and adolescent minors with psychopathologies , which cannot be managed within the family system.

The main objective is the recovery of the minor in order to reintegrate him into the social context of origin, and is pursued by adopting operational and care principles based on :
  • to the organizational model of therapeutic communities, so that the entire context works as a single therapist.
  • To the psychotherapeutic and educational principles expressed by the evidence-based models described in the international guidelines for impulsive personality disorders.
The therapies proposed by the Girasoli community include intensive psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy programs , if necessary, for the recovery of interpersonal skills, also involving families with a psychoeducational path aimed at the best possible reintegration of the minor.

The support provided also continues during entry into the school world up to the learning of work skills, guaranteed by relationships with professional training bodies and agreements with local businesses and commercial establishments.

The team - made up of experts in the sector -, given the precociousness with which these problems arise, focuses attention on young people, also organizing interventions in schools aimed at children, teachers and parents.

Furthermore, to provide professional responses to psycho-social, health and mental health care needs, it collaborates with institutions, healthcare companies, municipalities, private individuals and non-profit organisations.

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