The Codex-Assalzoo was drawn up by a special working group created ad hoc among the figures representing the Assalzoo members, which starting from the European Guide for Animal Food Producers ( EFMC ), a document adopted by FEFAC ( European Federation of compound feed producers ), developed a specific document for the Italian feed reality of today and tomorrow.

The Assalzoo Codex aims to guarantee the safety of the feed production of ASSALZOO members , thus contributing to the improvement of food safety starting from the first links of the production chain.


Assalzoo, with the application of the Codex Assalzoo, aims to :
  • promote responsible production
  • promote univocal behavior among associates
  • raise awareness of food hygiene and safety issues
  • encourage the adoption of a common language
  • encourage continuous updating
  • provide indications and tools useful for the growth of the sector
  • improve the management of health problems
  • provide its Associates with a food safety management system
  • anticipate emerging risks
  • act as a representative body through the collection and sharing of sector statistical data


The company management system aimed at guaranteeing food hygiene and feed safety .
The advantages in applying the standard are:
  • Demonstration of compliance with current legislation on hygiene and safety
  • Specific standard for the feed sector
  • Possibility of integration with other standards, e.g. ISO 9001

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