ISO 22716

ISO 22716


The UNI EN ISO 22716 standard establishes the Guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products with the aim of guaranteeing the consumer high safety and hygienic-sanitary standards.

These guidelines provide organizational and practical indications for the management of human, technical and administrative factors which influence the quality of cosmetic products.

The standard constitutes the harmonized reference text for demonstrating compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices required by Reg. 1223/2009 (GMP ), in force since 11 July 2013.


The standard is applicable to all cosmetic products and takes into consideration all the factors and activities that are relevant for obtaining the cosmetic product:
  • personal
  • production premises
  • equipment
  • raw materials and packing materials
  • production (including packaging)
  • quality control laboratories.
The EC Reg. 1233/09 on cosmetic products defines the requirements that each cosmetic product must comply with in order to guarantee a high level of protection of human health.

Article 8 of the Regulation expressly provides that compliance with the UNI EN ISO 22716 standard is the preferred tool for the cosmetics manufacturer to demonstrate compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP).

The standard is also compatible and can be integrated with other system standards (eg ISO 9001 ).


  • Make visible to the consumer the Organization's commitment in the production of the cosmetic product in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Equip yourself with an effective tool to keep the production process under control and, through the evidence of the critical control points, plan it in the best possible way
  • Use the preventive approach to hazard management for the control of production processes within a more complex management system, such as the Quality System
  • Respond to requests from foreign customers ensuring that we are working in accordance with an internationally recognized standard
  • Satisfy all interested parties : regulators, customers, consumers

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