UNI 10881

UNI 10881


The UNI 10881:2000 standard "Services - Residential care for the elderly - Guidelines for the application of the UNI EN ISO 9000 standards" is complementary to the latter, but capable of living its own life.

This standard of service enters into the merits of what are the qualifying factors of the residential assistance service for the elderly.

The standard defines the requirements for the following residential types:
  • specialized residence for the seriousness and condition of the elderly (mono-structure)
  • residence divided into nuclei for the elderly with different severity and needs (multi-functional structure)


The standard defines the requirements:
  • of social-health care processes:
    • information
    • admission stage
    • insertion phase
    • phase of discharge
  • for the realization of social-health care processes:
    • management responsibility
    • definition of guidelines, policy, roles and responsibilities
    • realization of the activity
    • human resource management etc
  • for the design of innovative services


For the elder:
  • Simple acceptance procedures and adequate reception during insertion
  • Personalization of assistance intervention (both for diet and for recreational activities and relationships with the outside world)
  • Adequacy of the service offered (quality, timing, methods)
  • Comfort of residential spaces , cleanliness and safety of the structure, availability of ancillary services
  • Healthcare and First Aid

For the structure:
  • Cost reduction through more economically efficient management which involves the creation of solutions and possibilities that make the more inert cost items more profitable
  • Development of more transparent management procedures that help generate added value and achieve continuous improvement, thanks to a clearer organization
  • Definition, as far as possible, of the methods and responsibilities for planning activities , so that adequate resources can be allocated according to the expected workloads
  • Constant supervision of the compliance of service processes with specified requirements
  • Identification of specific indicators for monitoring the performance (performance) of processes/services and for verifying the achievement of the established improvement objectives
  • Optimization of customer orientation and increase of own competitiveness
  • Continuous improvement of the services offered

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