UNI 11381

UNI 11381


UNI 11381 is a national standard applicable by:
  • of food companies that directly manage pest control
  • companies that provide the "insect monitoring" service at food companies.

The standard defines a method for designing and implementing insect monitoring systems in food industry environments in order to prepare the documentation for its subsequent evaluation and consequently to be able to undertake appropriate actions and strategies to combat insects.

The standard is applicable in all premises, areas and zones used for the production, preparation, treatment and distribution of food.

They are indicated in UNI 11381.
  • the procedures for implementing the monitoring system,
  • the criteria for its implementation,
  • the content of the related documents
  • system verification .
The standard is completed by two appendices of an informative nature:
  • the first shows the list of the main species for which traps can be used for monitoring; L
  • depending on it, it provides examples of usable traps.
The UNI 11381 standard is complementary to ISO 9001 , going to specifically define specific requirements for companies operating in this sector.

The standard can be a useful tool available to food businesses for the qualification of their service suppliers .


  • Monitoring design
  • Implementation of monitoring
  • Documents
  • Verify

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