Coop Switzerland , a consumer cooperative active in sustainability issues, has collaborated with GLOBALG.AP in the development of an add-on relating to the sustainable management of water resources.

Fresh water is a scarce resource in several countries and regions of the world and is set to further decrease/scarce due to climate change and increasing world population. Today, approximately 70% of the world's freshwater resources are used in agriculture .
As a result, improving water management at the farm level is crucial .

The SPRING program is applicable by producers to implement and/or strengthen sustainable water management efforts, as well as by merchants/retailers who can, with this tool, request and communicate their commitment to sustainable water resources.

CSQA has been recognized by GLOBALG.AP . among the bodies authorized for the certification of the SPRING add-on.


This add-on module is based on the GLOBALG.AP IFA Crops standard and complements it with a set of requirements aimed at assessing sustainable water management at the farm level, such as:
  • legal compliance of water sources and abstraction rates;
  • good practices in water management (for example the use of tensiometers);
  • water protection;
  • monitoring of water consumption (m 3 / ha / year);
  • the impact of producers on the sustainable management of river basins.
Useful documents / further information here .


  • Compilation of the questionnaire and sending to CSQA of data relating to water sources and corporate infrastructures connected to water management
  • issue by CSQA of the offer for certification and acceptance of the payment of the fees envisaged by the SPRING form
  • preliminary documentary evaluation
  • audit planning and conducting (expected audit duration for SPRING module: 5 to 8 hours; joint audit with GLOBALG.AP IFA standard is recommended)
  • closure of any findings, if necessary
  • issue of the certificate with annual validity

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