ISO 13009

ISO 13009


The UNI ISO 13009 standard “Tourism and related services. Requirements and recommendations for the operation of the beach” defines the services and infrastructures that distinguish quality beaches.

This ISO standard is configured as the international reference for operators who manage beach establishments and provides internationally agreed guidelines for sustainable beach management capable of offering quality services.

The ISO 13009 standard deals with very precise aspects of beach management, including the safety of beaches and waters, cleanliness , evaluating both the adequacy of the infrastructures and the quality of the service offered .


The key points of the standard are:
  • General requirements and guidelines for beach management
  • Infrastructure
  • Service delivery

In particular, annex C of the standard defines the minimum requirements that the infrastructures (buildings, sanitary services, showers, waste water management, infirmary, signs, beach shading, etc…) and the services provided must satisfy.


The standard can demonstrate the commitment made by the bathing establishment managers to raise the quality of the service offered , both in terms of infrastructure adequacy and attention to the various customer requests.

It is expected that more and more often this may be required by tenders for maritime state-owned concessions , river areas, lake beaches and lake surfaces and appurtenances, as a mandatory requirement or as a rewarding requirement.

Furthermore, bathing establishments can publicize the certification obtained, meeting the favor of an increasingly vast range of users, attentive to the aspects of environmental sustainability and service quality.

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