UNI 11233

UNI 11233


Integrated Production is an agricultural production system that favors the use of resources and natural regulation mechanisms in partial replacement of chemical substances, ensuring sustainable agriculture .

Biological, technical and chemical methods are carefully balanced taking into account:

  • of environmental protection,
  • of economic convenience
  • of social requirements.

The reference standard for certification is UNI 11233 "Integrated production systems in agri-food supply chains - General principles for planning and implementation in vegetable supply chains".

It applies to all plants intended for human or animal consumption.


  • Pedoclimatic suitability and choice of varieties
  • Maintenance of the natural agroecosystem
  • Soil arrangement and preparation - sowing, transplanting and planting
  • Crop rotation
  • Plant nutrition and watering
  • Weed management, integrated protection and distribution of crop protection products
  • Harvest and post-harvest
All phases subsequent to agricultural production are managed in terms of traceability.


  • it is a cultivation method attentive to sustainability that allows you to safeguard the environment and natural resources
  • allows us to offer greater attention to food safety
  • allows you to enhance the productions through the use of the logo on the product
  • it is consistent with national and European directives on the rational use of pesticides
  • can be verified jointly with standards ( GlobalG.AP . , Leaf Marque , Regional Brands , etc.)
  • Integrated Production is applicable to agricultural production but through traceability it is possible to communicate the certification also on processed products

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