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IFS Logistics, version 3 published

Audit from 1 June 2024

IFS Logistics, version 3 published

IFS Logistics, version 3 published

IFS publishes version 3 of IFS Logistics , the standard that evaluates the quality and safety of logistics activities, including transportation, warehousing, distribution, loading and unloading and more.

Many retail, wholesale and food service companies rely on IFS Logistics certificates as they demonstrate that the logistics company has established robust procedures and processes to handle its products professionally and responsibly.

"With IFS Logistics version 3, we present a standard now updated to current regulations, market expectations and the latest trends.

IFS developed this version with international experts from the logistics and food industry, retail and wholesale companies and certification bodies.

Their input and experience ensure that the requirements meet the needs of the market.",
says IFS Managing Director Stephan Tromp.


IFS Logistics version 3 has fewer requirements and an optimized protocol and structure .

Further updates include the scoring system , extensions and clarifications in scope and the introduction of star status to indicate an unannounced audit .

It is now aligned with version 8 of the IFS Food Standard, relevant for combined audits.
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IFS Logistics version 3 audits are possible from 1 June 2024 and become mandatory from 1 December 2024.


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