The certification of the AgID Conservatories

As is well known, the legislation governing the conservation of IT documents provides that within a very short time the PA produces its documents only in digital mode: the conservation needs will therefore quickly extend to new areas of application, increasing the centrality of private and public subjects, the so-called Conservatories accredited by AgID who already operate in the market of digital conservation services, or those who intend to be accredited to operate in this sense.

Conservatories who intend to be accredited with AgID must demonstrate possession of the requirements established by specific standards by submitting documents and certifications, including a certification of compliance with the technical-organizational requirements established by AgID , issued by an ACCREDIA accredited certification body .

CSQA is recognized by the market as a reference certification body for the certification of Conservatories a Norma , serving a significant market share ( about 15%) of accredited Conservatories for the package, ISO 9001 Quality Management System , ISO 27001 Information Security , ISO 20000 Service Management System and now for Conservation, with important growth forecasts in 2017.

For CSQA this certification represents an additional element in the definition of a framework offer of certification services aimed at the digitization market: as far as the Italian legislation is concerned, it should be noted that the Digital Administration Code (CAD) has in fact been revised to align the national services under AgID accreditation ( Conservation and SPID ) with the requirements of Article 24 of EU Regulation No. 910/2014 eIDAS.

With the accreditation obtained since June 2016, CSQA had entered the primacy of the assessment bodies authorized by Accredia for the eIDAS certification . In the last year it has certified some of the main Time Stamping and Digital Signature Trust Service Providers present both on the Italian and European markets.

The focus on new digital services, based on the trust of transactions and between the subjects involved, the experience and skills gained in the context of application of these services, therefore allows us to safely support the operators of the Conservation, with a coherent approach to the application of the reference standards on which the conservation scheme is based.

CSQA is the most reliable choice for the certification of Conservatori a Norma.

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