The "NATRUE standard for the control and certification of COSMETIC PRODUCTS" is prepared by The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association , a non-profit association committed to promoting and enhancing natural and organic cosmetics worldwide.

The NATRUE standard is applicable to:
  • raw material
  • finished products intended for cosmetic use.

For finished products, NATRUE establishes two levels of certification:
  • natural cosmetics , whose minimum levels of natural ingredients and maximum levels of naturally derived ingredients (for each type of product) are shown in Table 1 d logo-natrue.png the disciplinary;
  • organic cosmetics , whose minimum level of organic ingredients is 95% excluding water added in any way.

CSQA is IOAS accredited for NATRUE certification


The new NATRUE material approval or certification system , in place since 2021, requires raw material producers to select a certification body recognized and accredited by NATRUE, such as CSQA , and directly request the evaluation of the raw materials from the body.

The producers of finished cosmetics will only be able to use raw materials approved or certified by NATRUE and included in the public database of the NATRUE web-site.

Depending on the classification of raw materials, NATRUE indicates that:
  • Natural or naturally derived raw materials are approved solely on the basis of a documentary evaluation
  • Organic raw materials certified in accordance with a standard of the "IFOAM family of standards" that do not undergo a further process (including re-packaging and re-labelling) do not need to be subjected to the approval of the NATRUE standard (the already issued organic certification applies)
  • Raw materials with an organic portion or completely organic not certified according to a standard belonging to the "IFOAM family of standards" must be explicitly approved by a NATRUE control body
  • Raw materials with a biological portion or completely biological that undergo further processes , in case these processes are covered by certification according to a standard of the "IFOAM family of standards" can be approved through documentary evaluation only; if, on the other hand, the processes do not fall within the organic certification compliant with the "IFOAM family of standards", they can only be approved after an initial inspection.


The company that requests the certification of its cosmetics must comply with the requirements and fulfilments contemplated in the Production Standard and in the Certification Regulations.

The documents to be submitted are:
  • application for certification (including its attachment and the documents referred to therein)
  • acceptance of the economic offer and contract for certification according to the foreseen tariffs.
Upon receipt of the documentation, CSQA will:
  • evaluate documents
  • carry out the certification audit at the production sites
  • decide for the certification and issuance of the certificate
  • enter the certified products in the register
  • carry out the surveillance activities with which CSQA evaluates the maintenance of compliance with the Production Standard


The NATRUE Standard on organic cosmetics is absolutely rigorous.

The NATRUE brand has been designed, in particular, for companies that are already well positioned in the natural cosmetics sector and/or that intend to present themselves to international markets.

NATRUE, in particular, with its standard in cap. 5 pursues 6 sustainable development goals ( SDG Sustainable Development Goals ) of the United Nations:
  • health and well-being in the use of cosmetics
  • industrial innovation of infrastructures and green chemistry
  • responsible consumption and production
  • fights climate change
  • promotes the conservation of life under water
  • protects restores and promotes the sustainability of life on Earth.

Furthermore, the NATRUE association keeps its website continuously updated with product images and the list of certified raw materials.

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