UNI 10600

UNI 10600


The UNI 10600 Standard - Presentation and management of complaints in the Public Services sector deals with the methods of presentation and management of complaints for Public Services falling within the scope of application of the Charter of Services.

The standard highlights the correct complaint management method , which must be:
  • possible in DIRECT (verbal) and INDIRECT (in writing or by answering machine/fax) form
  • easily accessible
  • easy to understand
  • easy to use


The institution must prepare:
  • written procedures that regulate the times and responsibilities for the individual phases of complaint management
  • the information to the user
  • A periodic reporting system, then, must highlight the main characteristics of the complaints managed: type of customers who complain
  • main reasons for complaint
  • response time evolution
  • stratified analysis of phenomenology


  • Best customer service
  • Qualitative and quantitative identification of the causes and of the most critical sectors/functions of the service
  • Possibility to analyze improvements made by corrections/modifications made to complaint management over time
  • Better integration with suppliers who get involved in complaint management

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