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Sustainable events, the new ISO 20121

What's new in the 2024 update

Sustainable events, the new ISO 20121

Sustainable events, the new ISO 20121

ISO has published the new standard ISO 20121:2024 - Event Sustainability Management Systems , which provides guidance on managing events to control their social, economic and environmental impact.

The 2024 update enriches the standard with a greater emphasis on social legacies (including the impact of the event on infrastructure, local communities and land use), on inclusiveness and on different means of demonstrating compliance, promoting a more comprehensive and accessible approach to sustainable event management.

What is ISO 20121?

ISO 20121 is a benchmark for sustainable event management, guiding organizations to seamlessly integrate sustainability into every aspect of event planning and execution.

With a keen eye on social, economic and environmental impacts, this standard is crucial for events that aspire to leave a lasting positive legacy.

This standard applies to events of all types and sizes , encouraging organizations to responsibly manage social, economic and environmental impacts.

Why is ISO 20121 important?

In today's event management, the drive towards sustainability is fundamental.

ISO 20121 emerges as a key resource, guiding organizations towards more ethical, green and socially conscious practices.
By highlighting new focuses on human and children's rights, alongside the legacy of the events, the standard showcases the transformative role of sustainability in the sector .

It offers various methods of demonstrating compliance , including self-declaration, supplier validation and third-party certification, making sustainable practices accessible to all organizations.


  • Reduces the environmental impact of events

  • Promotes a holistic approach to sustainability, considering economic, environmental and social impacts

  • Improve stakeholder engagement and satisfaction

  • Strengthens organizational reputation and brand value

  • It offers versatile paths to compliance assessment, catering to organizations of all sizes

(Source: https://www.iso.org /)

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