UNI 15593

UNI 15593


The UNI EN 15593/2008 standard is the European public standard preparatory to responding not only to a market need, but also to the good production practices required by the EC regulation 2003/2006.

The UNI EN 15593 standard aims to provide a harmonized tool for the implementation of hygiene management systems for materials and objects intended to come into contact with food products that are recognized by all EU countries.

NOTE: to date Among the public system standards today we certainly find the international standard ISO 22000 , Food Safety Management Systems , which with the recent consistent technical specification ISO/TS 22002-4 , constitutes the body of standards dedicated to the sector and also includes and satisfies the requirements of UNI EN 15593.

It is addressed to:
  • Manufacturers of materials in contact with food
  • Packaging transformation
  • Distributors of packaging and materials in contact with food
  • Users of packaging and food contact materials intended for food contact and product(s) in packaging lines


  • a company management system aimed at guaranteeing the hygiene and safety of materials intended for contact with food
  • The application of hygienic practices that packaging manufacturers must apply considering themselves part of the food chain
  • The application of the principles of hazard analysis and assessment
  • Evaluation of physical, chemical, biological contaminants
  • Demonstration of compliance with the hygiene and safety requirements established by current legislation
  • Traceability


  • Fulfills part of the diligence of the good father of the family prescribed by law for suppliers/manufacturers of packaging, packers/fillers and retailers. Packaging manufacturers can also use the standard to ensure that their suppliers comply with good hygiene practices and meet the chain of due diligence of the good family man
  • Compliance with this standard is rapid for companies that already apply a quality management system according to ISO 9001 standards or use the HACCP methodology. In fact, organizations equipped with an effective Quality Management System already satisfy many of the points of this standard
  • Alternative to the standard BRC IOP ; advantage for companies to have two certain references (BRC IOP and UNI EN 15593) for the management of hygienic aspects in the production of packaging for food use
  • The different links that make up the production chain of packaging for the food industry are in this way encouraged to communicate with each other and to ensure that all possible risks are identified and adequately controlled
  • Preparatory standard to respond not only to a market need, but also, for example, to what is required by the EC regulation 2003/2006

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